Remote Medical Assisting

Professional and experienced Certified Medical Assistants to become the voice of your practice by answering all your phone calls, checking patient eligibility, handling prescriptions, processing incoming faxes, and other vital functions. The best part is that the MAs are our employees working in our offices in the United States removing the headaches of you having to deal with office space overhead, payroll, turnover, and other day to day operation challenges. The service is designed so you can fully focus on what you do best; patient care!

You may engage our services on a full-time, part-time, or flex schedule to fit the needs of your practice. Typically, your practice will be managed by a team of two Certified Medical Assistants to ensure sufficient cross-training and redundancy. Our hourly rates are cost effective and tailored to the needs of your practice.

We understand that being on the road and in the homes of your patients presents different kinds of challenges. We have equipped our solutions with state-of-the-art cloud and mobile app interfaces to remain close to your assistants as well as your data. The entire service is designed to increase your productivity, help you achieve your patient care goals, as well as provide you with peace of mind. Contact us today to get started!

Mobile Home Blood Draw Services

By servicing pediatric through geriatric clients, our reliable and cost effective mobile home phlebotomy (blood draw) service has become an essential ally to our physicians, their Home Health/Hospice Agencies, as well as IPA partners. Our certified and highly experienced staff will manage the entire process from order intake through specimen delivery to your preferred laboratory.

With excellent customer service, you will come to depend on the benefits and convenience of extending these essential diagnostic services for your homebound patients or those that have difficulty with transportations. We utilize a safe and secure web-based platform, with a mobile app companion, to ensure live information at your fingerstips. Should you choose to do so, you may access, at any time, each and every blood draw order to review status as well as detailed notes about its progress.

For your patients that require regular monitoring for anticoagulation medications, we also offer the Fingerstick method for PT/INR. With less invasive bedside results, our services will help you keep your patients stable and comfortable. Feel free to contact us today to learn more about our Mobile Home Blood Draw Services.

Mobile X-Ray & Other Diagnostics

Our physician clients have come to depend on the resources provided by our Integrated Network of Ancillary Providers to gather essential diagnostic data in order to provide excellent care for patients with complex medical conditions. We understand the time-sensitive nature of your requests. This is why we rely on a rich network of providers with flexible resources and service hours to accommodate your needs.

Our X-Ray Technicicans are highly experienced and efficient in providing their services. They pay great attention to the sate of mind of the patients in order to ensure a calm and comfortable experience in order to gather the essential diagnostic data you require.

We also offer Bone Density Scan (DexaScan) services for monitoring, management, as well as post-acute purposes. Utilizing advanced and minimally invasive equipment, patient experience is maximized and your results are digitally reported for immediate review. We encourage you to contact us for more information.

HIPAA Training & Certification

As a healthcare professional, you are required to comply with the complex regulations of HIPAA of 1996 and HITECH of 2010. Our remote & On-Site HIPAA Training & Certification service provides peace of mind and ongoing compliance. Navigating this alone, especially if you are a mobile practitioner, can prove to be a challenge that is time consuming and difficult to manage. Whether you are one of our Remote Medical Assisting clients or not, we have developed a HIPAA Training & Certification Program to keep your practice and your staff in compliance and up to date.

With our cost effective and convenient services, our Compliance Instructors will schedule a flexible appointment for a 1-2 hour on-site presentation covering the essentials of HIPAA awareness and compliance best practices. At the end of the class, your staff will recieve a Compliance Certificate of Completion and the needed material for continuous improvement. Additionally, you can choose a more comprehensive service package where we analyze several aspects of your practice operations and recommend a best-fit strategy to address your particular Risk Assesment Profile. Contact us today to learn more about these essential services.

Medical Billing Services

Ensuring accurate and timely revenue flow is essential. Our in-house Medical Billing Service leverages the experience and familiarity of our staff with your practice to produce results that are cost-effective and efficient.

Our Certified Billing and Coding Specialists work directly with your Intake and Encounter staff to ensure that the proper data is being collected. Whether you are our Remote Medical Assisting client or not, we believe that the successful billing cycle starts with accurate data gathering and eligibility verification. We ensure that at each step of the process, the accurate coding and followup practices are being implemented to achieve the best possible results.

We have extended reduced service rates for our existing Medical Assisting cliens since we are able to directly interface with the encounter data. For non-clients, our rates are highly competitive with industry standards. We comply with current regulations and utilize the most efficient electronic billing methods to maximum your receivables. You will quickly realize that our customer service is only exceeded by our reliability and expertise in the medical bililng field. Contact us today so we can get started.

Healthcare Branding & Marketing

Looking great is as essential as providing excellent services. Our team of creative branding experts will establish and promote a recognizable corporate identity for your practice that accurately reflects your mission and vision. This becomes especially important if you are a solo or small group mobile practitioner. You have a niche or a special approach with your clients? Then your image and brand will need to bring it out into the public.

Our team of expert creative designers have been servicing the healthcare industry for years. They understand the target audience, their preferences, and what speaks directly to their hearts. We will brainstorm and discover together your logo, business cards, flyers and brochures to ensure that all of your print media marketing collateral clearly illustrate that special "thing" you bring to your prospective clients. We also offer complete and affordable solutions to establish your online presence from simple websites to live social media and blogs.

We know you are already unique and memorable. Let us help you bring this out to the masses. Contact us today.

Paramedical & Life Insurance Exams

We work closely with our Life Insurance agents and companies to provide convenient, experienced, and seamless services. We understand the challenges and busy lives of new clients. Our service staff is ready to help. Our emphasis is on being of service when and where it is needed.

With our continuously expanding service area and intelligent work order tracking software, we have been able to provide our comprehensive paramedical and life insturance exam services with utmost care and convenience.

Whether you are a local agent or a national insurance provider, we can help. Contact us today.

We are enriching the landscape of Mobile Healthcare Delivery by providing essential ancillary services to help practitioners achieve their goals...