Randa B., M.A.,

President / CEO

The Entrepeneur and engine behind the eMedAssist operation! She sets the tempo, vision, and execution of the daily operations as well as oversees the quality of client services. Randa is continuously elaborating her ideas, coming up with new ones, and driving the point home to lead her organization into the future. She is not afraid to get her hands dirty and jump in wherever and whenever coverage is needed. Randa is always cheerful and brings a renewed air of excitment day in and day out.


Jennifer S. A., B.S.

Director of Operations

The Multi-tasker and workaholic! With years of experience in Practice Management, Jennifer actively supervises the workflow of all of our programs. Her keen sense of problem solving and efficient operations continously drives our services into high gear. Always exceeding expectations, she is available to support, assist, and coach our staff to excel. Her emphasis on thoroughness and perfection has earned her the respect of our clients as well as the entire staff.


Tritia D., M.A.

Field Operation Services

The avid researcher and innovator! With her graduate training in Educational Technology, Tritia is continuously improving our infrastructure when it comes to security, compliance, and user experience. She serves as our organizational HIPAA Compliance Officer and administers our Training and Certification services. With unprecedented patience for complex and really long documents, Tritia's special ability to grasp the essentials and interpret complex service requirements into working operational models is invaluable.

Lesley S., M.A.

Client Coordinator

The "Go To" girl! Lesley has a special kind of energy; the contagious kind. With her superb customer service skills she is always a pleasure to work with and to have at the office. She is never shy to tackle new projects or tough problems. Always with a smile, Lesley is able to coordinate the requests of our clients and ensures that they are served to their full satisfaction. Multi-talented and quick to learn new skills, she is able to juggle multiple projects at once and achieves highest results.

Timothy M., BHIT

Medical Informatics Specialist

The Jack of all trades! Tim has been an integral part of our Technical Support and Medical Billing operations for a few years. Always with a joke or two to share, he has the ability to multi-task and fill in the gaps wherever they may arise. He is exceptionally patient which makes him an excellent fit for technical support, training, as well as ensuring an error-free revenue cycle for our doctors.


David P., BIT

Network Administrator

The Comedian! At least not as a day job. Dave has been an important part of our Administrative Support Group. He has mastered so many different functions and tasks that his email inbox and phone are war zones. Dave ensures that our office networks, communication lines, hosted servers, user stations, as well as peripheral equipments are functioning at their optimum levels. He is also in charge of our Social Media outlets to keep us up to date.

Also, hats off to our field personnel who make us look great out there every day and with every encounter. There are just too many, so we will simply list their names:

Cary, Terry, Noemy, Stephanie, Jonathan, Steven, Maria, Pablo, Daniel, Chris, Emily, Tran, Amira, Svetlana, Kobe, Francine, Gaby, Terrance, Paul, Robert, Kimberly, Anita, Josh, Allan, and Jake.

  • eMedAssist was founded in 2008 to address the needs of mobile healthcare practitioners. We provide reliable and high quality support services, such as Remote Medical Assisting, Mobile Home Blood Draw Services, Mobile X-Ray, HIPAA Compliance Consulting, as well as other customized services to complement the Concierge or Housecall nature of today's healthcare practitioners.

    Our focus is on customer service and patient care. We truly understand the challenges of our mobile practitioners and the time-sensitive nature of coordinating care on the go. We have developed the talent pool, I.T. Infrastructure, as well as our servcie protocol to exceed expectations at all time

  • "Thank you for making life easier. Your technician is amazing with my mom. Awesome! - Mireille P., Glendora, Ca

    "I wish I had met you earlier; you are a true life saver" - Jonas K, Anaheim, Ca

    We can always count on you. For that, we thank you" - Martha H. - La Verne, CA

  • "Without you, we would not be here today" - Dr. Michael Haga, Advanced Medical Home Physicians, Inc.

    "We cannot thank you enough for making our practice a success" - Dr. Joomo Yang, Doctor In My House, Inc.

    "I wish I had met you years ago" - Dr. Maryam Seyedi, OC Visiting Physicians

We are enriching the landscape of Mobile Healthcare Delivery by providing essential ancillary services to help practitioners achieve their goals...