We understand the challenges associated with delivering high quality mobile healthcare services. Working with our housecall physicians since 2008 and their IPA, home health, hospice, and other partners, our services have become an integral part of the delivery network associated with providing timely and effective services to achieve patient care goals.

We are a unique organization that brings under one roof a multitude of services and resources to facilitate the delivery of health care to homebound patients. We focus on becoming the one-stop-shop and a trusted ally for homecare teams as well as solo practitioners.

With Doctors on the Road!


Remote Medical Assisting

Always On, Experienced, and Cost Effective

Professional and experienced Certified Medical Assistants to become the voice of your practice by answering all your phone calls, checking patient eligibility, handling prescriptions, processing faxes, and other vital functions.

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Mobile Home Blood Draw Services

Reliable, Convenient, and Compassionate

By servicing pediatric through geriatric clients, our reliable and cost effective mobile home phlebotomy (blood draw) service has become an essential ally to our physicians, their Home Health/Hospice Agencies, as well as IPA partners.

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Mobile X-Ray & Other Diagnostics

Responsive and efficient diagnostics

Our physician clients have come to depend on the resources provided by our Integrated Network of Ancillary Providers to gather essential diagnostic data in order to provide excellent care for patients with complex medical conditions.

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Paramedical/Life Insurance Exams

Comprehensive and experienced

We work closely with our Life Insurance agents and companies to provide convenient, experienced, and seamless services. We understand the challenges and busy lives of new clients. Our service staff is ready to help.

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HIPAA Training & Certification

Compliant, Cost Effective, and Managed

As a healthcare professional, you are required to comply with the complex regulations of HIPAA of 1996 and HITECH of 2010. Our remote & On-Site HIPAA Training & Certification service provides peace of mind and ongoing compliance.

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Medical Billing Services

Accurate, Timely, and Efficient

Ensuring accurate and timely revenue flow is essential. Our in-house Medical Billing Service leverages the experience and familiarity of our staff with your practice to produce results that are cost-effective and efficient.

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We are enriching the landscape of Mobile Healthcare Delivery by providing essential ancillary services to help practitioners achieve their goals...